misc ramble

I work at a library in the federal government in Canada where, I'm sure you are all aware, we are a bilingual country where English and French are the two official languages. That being said, our library has several books on learning French because we do have staff learning sessions (like in a classroom setting).

One such patron came up to the library asking me if we had any books on learning Italian, as she was planning to go there sometime for holidays. Shocking! I had to tell her the very obvious reasons why we don't have any Italian language books in our catalogue and after I told her, she said something like, "Yes. I kind of figured that, but there's no harm trying, right?" with a laugh like it's so hilarious. What was that all about?! I wonder if she was just kidding. Fortunately, it wasn't busy that day and she didn't disrupt me from much needed work, but still... lame, lame, lame.